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inBalance Pilates is the premier Pilates studio for San Juan Capistrano and all of Southern Orange County. We offer the top instruction and workouts built for the body & mind.

Book a Session What is Pilates?

Pilates is a carefully constructed workout of techniques that maximize Strength Gain, Flexibility, and Endurance.

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In Balance Pilates Studio is San Juan Capistrano's best Pilates studio. We provide private, semi-private, group class Pilates instruction as well as Thai massage. Our goal is to improve the quality of our student’s lives by providing a high standard of Pilates instruction using only accurate techniques. We achieve this by using only techniques that keep the true integrity of Pilates, and by carefully refining our methods of instruction. The result for our students is a safe, enjoyable environment to achieve fitness goals and improve personal image.

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The inBalance Method

A practice worth growing needs to be approached tactically. Education, Practice, Reflection, and a carefully constructed refinement of all aspects of your activities is difficult to achieve. Our process starts by assessing an individuals best areas for growth and how to build a program around their needs.

Our Pilates programs adjust for an individuals circumstances- Heavier/ lighter, Young/ Old/ Pregnant, Flexible/ inflexible, trying to repair injuries… its your program.

Phase One: We start by helping individuals get familiar with the techniques and methods of Pilates. There is no better way to see what impact Pilates can have on you than to see it in action. Plus the familiarity will help an individual understand how they can reach their goals when we go and develop a program.

Phase Two:Once an individual is familiar with the process, exercises, and methods, we start to develop goals and schedules that are designed to help an individual get more out of their practice.

As an individual eventually begins to show mastery, we take it to a new level by adding in more advanced exercises and by changing the order. Eventually building their practice up to a whole other level of accomplishment.

What is Pilates?

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Pilates or Contrology (its original name) was the product of a lifetime of research by Joseph Pilates. Joseph was a great student of the various forms of exercise and calethetics from all over the world. This study began at an early age with his father and mother. His father was an extremely talented and award winning gymnast from Greece and his mother was naturopath.

Joseph Pilates dedicated the early part of his career to studying the work of other forms of exercise but eventually developed his own school of thought that he outlined in his two published works "Your Health: A Corrective System of Exercising That Revolutionizes the Entire Field of Physical Education" in 1934, and "Return to Life Through Contrology" in 1945.

Pilate’s method has six pillars or principles that govern all of the methods to his system. These principles are: Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow, Precision, and Breathing.

The specific exercises in Pilates are all extensions of the principles and but have varying approaches to get the desired results… mat workouts, ball workouts, and “Reformer” workouts are all very important to developing balance and strength. “Reformer” exercises are always of interest to new students.

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About Jamie Dodd

Jamie Dodd is the owner/ operator of inBalance Pilates. She has been studying, practicing, and teaching Pilates for over 16 years and has been a studio owner since 2008. Jamie’s focus is, and always has been, to help her students learn Pilates the right way- teach Authentic Pilates, with a passion and quality that you can’t get anywhere else.

"I teach Pilates because I truly believe it makes a difference in your quality of life...present and future. My first experience to Pilates I was 33 yrs old. I took a mat class...nothing crazy, just a simple beginner mat class. As I was leaving, I vividly remember saying to myself...Pilates will be in my life forever. I felt that amazing! It gave me a feeling I never experienced in ALL my MANY years of working out. From running, kickboxing, weight training, aerobics...the list could go on. My mind felt just as great as my body. Pilates is a mind and body work out. After being a client for about a year, I wanted more people to feel this great. I knew the world could be a happier/healthier place if we all could experience Pilates." -Jamie Dodd

Jamie trained under Master teacher Rael Isacowitz founder of Body Art and Science International. Under his guidance she began to learn and develop what would become her base teaching methods. While still working with Rael Izockowitz Jamie also began to seek out other education sources to be able to understand Pilates from all angles. This would develop into a habit for Jamie who is constantly searching for new methods and education sources to become the best she can be.
When Jamie isn't making her studio the best in SoCal, she enjoys the outdoors and staying active. Hiking, running, paddle boarding, spending time with family and friends are all at the top of her list!

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